Scientist Christians

This list contains an incomplete and somewhat arbitrary list of some top-notch scientists who are Christians. It includes scholars with earned doctorates in "hard" sciences, like biology, chemistry, physics, and math. It does not aim to prove anything about the truth of Christianity, it merely demonstrates that Christianity and science need not be foes.

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PLEASE NOTE that the information below is (as of September 2022) out of date, but I am working on updating it when I can.

Name Field Graduated From
Joel Adams Computer Science University of Pittsburgh
Dennis Alexander Chemistry University of London (King's College)
James N. Anderson Computer Science University of Edinburgh
Edgar H. Andrews Biology University of London
Francisco J. Ayala Biology Columbia University
Ruth Bancewicz Biology University of Edinburgh
Ian Barbour Physics University of Chicago
Stephen Barr Physics Princeton University
David J. Bartholomew Math University College London
John R. Baumgardner Physics University of California, Los Angeles
Michael J. Behe Chemistry University of Pennsylvania
John A. Bloom Physics Cornell University
Raymond G. Bohlin Biology University of Texas at Dallas
Walter L. Bradley Engineering University of Texas at Austin
Cullen R. Buie Engineering Stanford University
Christopher Cagan Math University of California, Los Angeles
Erica Carlson Physics University of California, Los Angeles
Ben Carson Medicine University of Michigan Medical School
Robert W. Carter Biology University of Miami
Joan M. Centrella Astrophysics University of Cambridge
Dorothy Chappell Biology Miami University (Ohio)
Paul K. Chien Biology University of California at Irvine
Francis S. Collins Chemistry Yale University
Russell Cowburn Physics University of Cambridge
Catherine Crouch Physics Harvard University
William A. Dembski Math University of Chicago
Satyan Devadoss Math John Hopkins University
David A. DeWitt Biology Case Western Reserve University
Don B. DeYoung Physics Iowa State University
Sharon Dirckx Medicine University of Cambridge
Jonathan Doye Chemistry University of Cambridge
George F. R. Ellis Math University of Cambridge
Stephen Freeland Biology University of Cambridge
David H. Glass Physics Queens University Belfast
Guillermo Gonzalez Astrophysics University of Washington
Bruce L. Gordon Philosophy of Science Northwestern University
Andrew Gosler Biology University of Oxford
Deborah Haarsma Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Loren Haarsma Physics Harvard University
Mark Harris Physics University of Cambridge
Brad Harrub Medicine University of Tennessee Medical School
Daniel Hastings Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Rhonda J. Hawkins Physics University of Leeds
Katharine Hayhoe Physics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Antony Hewish Astrophysics University of Cambridge
Rodney Holder Astrophysics University of Oxford
Colin Humphreys Physics University of Cambridge
Ian H. Hutchinson Engineering Australian National University
Randy Ingermanson Physics University of California, Berkeley
Stuart Judge Biology University of Keele
Robert Kaita Physics Rutgers University
Bryan Karney Engineering University of British Columbia
Michael N. Keas Philosophy of Science University of Oklahoma
Carl S. Keener Biology North Carolina State University
Donald E. Knuth Computer Science California Institute of Technology
Denis O. Lamoureux Biology University of Alberta
John Lennox Math University of Cambridge
Arthur C. Lind Physics Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jason Lisle Astrophysics University of Colorado
Ard Louis Physics Cornell University
Ernest Lucas Biology University of Kent
Heinz Lycklama Physics McMaster University
Robert J. Marks Engineering Texas Tech University
Jim Mason Physics McMaster University
Alister McGrath Chemistry University of Oxford
David Menton Biology Brown University
Stephen C. Meyer Philosophy of Science University of Cambridge
Kenneth R. Miller Biology University of Colorado at Boulder
Henry H. Morris Engineering University of Minnesota
Simon Conway Morris Biology University of Cambridge
Ed Neeland Chemistry University of British Columbia
Paul A. Nelson Philosophy of Science University of Chicago
Barth Netterfield Physics Princeton University
Robert C. Newman Astrophysics Cornell University
Martin A. Nowak Biology University of Vienna
Don N. Page Physics California Institute of Technology
William D. Phillips Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rosalind W. Picard Computer Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology
John Polkinghorne Physics University of Cambridge
Vern S. Poythress Math Harvard University
Lawrence M. M. Principe Chemistry Indiana University at Bloomington
Alexander R. Pruss Math University of British Columbia
Vinoth Ramachandra Engineering University of London
Fazale Rana Chemistry Ohio University
Barry Ritchie Physics University of South Carolina
Hugh Ross Astrophysics University of Toronto
Allan Sandage Astrophysics California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
John C. Sanford Biology University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jonathan Sarfati Chemistry Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Henry F. Schaefer, III Chemistry Stanford University
Jeff Schloss Biology Washington University
Rupert Sheldrake Biology University of Cambridge
Neil Shenvi Chemistry University of California, Berkeley
Richard E. Smalley Chemistry Princeton University
David W. Snoke Physics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Andrew M. Steane Physics University of Oxford
Brian J. Stone Engineering University of Bristol
Michael G. Strauss Physics University of California at Los Angeles
John Suppe Biology Yale University
Lionel Tarassenko Medicine University of Oxford
James M. Tour Chemistry Purdue University
Charles H. Townes Physics California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Troy Van Voorhis Chemistry University of California, Berkeley
Tyler VanderWeele Biology Harvard University
Larry Vardiman Biology Colorado State University
William R. Wade Math University of California, Riverside
Tas Walker Engineering University of Queensland
Ming Wang Medicine Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Mark Whorton Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
Leslie Wickman Biology Stanford University
Jay L. Wile Chemistry University of Rochester
Jennifer Wiseman Astrophysics Harvard University
Todd C. Wood Biology University of Virginia
Jeffrey Zweerink Astrophysics Iowa State University